Love, is not strong enough of an emotion to describe what I feel for you. Everything is only a small fraction of what you mean to me.

-Ascher, Blood Reborn

Ascher Rousseau

Ascher Rousseau

"The Half-bloodling"

Born: December 30, 1923, in Clichy, France

Parents: Beatrice Westridge and Jonas Rousseau

Siblings: Quinnetello Rousseau, Gabriel Rousseau, Tristan Rousseau

Eternally devoted to Shauna McCutchin




I don’t want to just be your lover, Shauna. I believe our relationship to be so much more. I want to be your mate, your companion, the other half of your soul.

- Ascher, The Progeny









Ascher Rousseau is the youngest son of the Rousseau clan. Raven-haired and cerulean-eyed, he is prophesized to be the future leader of the vampire rebellion. Born of a human mother and vampire father, he is unique amongst immortals and possesses qualities from both halves of his lineage. An ageless appearance, unearthly agility, amazing speed and thirst for blood are the traits he received from his vampire father. A beating heart and warm skin are traits of his human heritage.