Belonging: A Blood Bewitched Novel




“Today. Tomorrow. For eternity.”                               


A woman undecided about her future…         

Katy McCutchin loves Gabriel Rousseau with her whole heart and soul, but eternity is a different story. A human Wiccan with unbelievable supernatural abilities, she has reservations about giving up a mortal life to join her vampire husband in the wings of eternity.


Will she finally commit to forever, or will an unexpected twist of fate seal their destiny?


A man haunted by ghosts from his past…

Gabriel Rousseau has lived a life of immortal privilege, but nothing ever made sense until Katy McCutchin entered his life. Through her, he’s learned to love and trust on the deepest level. Now, he needs a future that goes far beyond her long human life and eventual death.


Will an unforeseen reunion complicate things for the newlyweds, or will love conquer all?

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