Blood Bewitched Excerpt


Ascher’s tan was long gone, having faded after weeks away from the golden island sun, but his complexion was no less stunning—smooth and pale, the warmth of his dual existence glowing beneath the porcelain planes. In fact, his appearance was only darkened by the sexy shadow of stubble along his jaw, the fine layer of dark hair covering his skin, and the inky cascades of raven silk falling from his scalp.


“You want me?” Ascher gave her a heavy-lidded grin, his hand smoothing along a softly muscled abdomen that rippled against his own touch.


He seemed to be enjoying his body just as much as she was enjoying watching him. Caressing the skin of his own pectorals, Ascher gave one nipple a pinch, then slid the boxers over hips that rolled in a seductive rhythm that she imagined that same motion deep inside her sex. He had exceptional skills in the bed. The black satin slipped down his muscular legs and toned calves to pool at his ankles. His thickly veined cock sprang free, hard with desire and bobbing under its impressive girth and weight.


The heat in her blood ramped to a slow boil, quickly approaching molten lava status, her brain and systems speeding toward meltdown. Unavoidable sexual overload. Oh, dear Goddess in heaven. He was giving her a sexy striptease that she was definitely enjoying. That’s so hot. Would she ever get used to the sight of his naked body? Shauna licked her lips, her mouth wet with the urge to take him inside it as she gawked at his impressive masculinity, her core trembling with want for any part of him. Hell yeah. I want you.


She’d seen movies with buff, oily men flaunting their tanned skin while women shouted and tossed money at their feet. What an impossible fantasy. Those guys couldn’t hold a candle to her private dancer. And this dazzling man somehow loved her enough to want her for eternity.


In what alternate universe was that even possible?


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