Blood Bonds Excerpt


The sexual tension coursed heavy with the waves of current passing between them. Each touch was a shock, burning her wherever his fingers lingered. Clothing disappeared amidst a soundtrack of the falling rain, ravenous moaning, and the ripping of fabric. Shauna didn’t care about anything but being closer to him and having his hands on her, their bodies together with no boundaries obstructing the passion. Her heart raced—beating so furiously that she thought she might have a heart attack. His cock breached her waiting sex, fueling and quenching her yearning for him with deeply penetrating thrusts.


“More,” she pleaded in a voice thick and heady with hunger. She couldn’t get him close enough. No depth of penetration seemed to reach the fire blazing inside. Frustrated with the perceived distance, Shauna cemented their bodies until their pelvic bones rocked against one another. He was a perfect fit, completely filling her with the reassurance that their lovemaking always brought.


Ascher quivered as he pierced her with crimson colored eyes.


“Faster!” she demanded, thrusting her body against his, intensifying the strokes.


His breaths quickened as his eyes rolled in his head.


Twining her legs around his waist, she meshed him to her, squeezing herself around him. The tingle was there, taunting her, spurring the itch that only orgasm would scratch. She wanted it, and she wanted him.




He plunged inside of her, the slow movements stirring and bringing her closer to the brink.


“Yes…yes…don’t stop!”


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