Blood Reborn Excerpt


Shauna closed her eyes, willing the bedroom door shut and locked, preventing anyone from escaping.


“Shauna,” Ascher yelled, his voice tunneling in her head. “Don’t do this.”


The sound of Olivia’s voice and desperate fist pounding came from beyond the closed door. “What’s happening?”


“Shut up,” Shauna growled at the door and then turned to the men.


They stood still, gazing at her with stunned disbelief.


“Stay back!” Motioning her hands toward them, she flashed each of them what she knew was a steely stare. “Don’t any of you move!”


Quinn, obviously believing he was fast enough to take her, flashed toward the newborn.


“I told you to stay back!” A beam of lightning discharged from Shauna’s eye sockets, striking him in the wrists and forcing him back against the wall. “Anyone else want to try their luck?”


Ascher approached her, but stilled midway, his face full of worry and his stance respectively submissive. “Shauna, what the hell are you doing?”


Ignoring him, she turned back to Katy. Her essence was more potent than the scent of the juiciest fruit, and she smelled more delicious than the most fragrant orange. Shauna’s mouth watered, anticipating the taste and feel of the blood flowing down her throat—a veritable trinity cocktail. Surely, it would snuff out the sandpapery burn torturing her now.


The wild throbbing in Katy’s tanned neck sent pangs of agony throughout Shauna’s pulsating mouth. The others’ voices faded into the background of a soundtrack featuring the rapid beating of her sister’s heart. Licking her lips, the new vampire inhaled to savor the rich, sweet ambrosia inundating her perched nose. She smelled fantastic!


Bite her. A voice, so smooth and dark it was from the devil himself, whispered in her head. Her blood will satiate your thirst. Her blood will stop the pain.


I can’t do that. She’s my sister, Shauna’s conscience fired back.


Fool, the demonic whisper retorted. You’re immortal now, and that means that you take what you want.


Shauna closed her eyes and clutched her throat as the burning grew worse, incinerating her throat and thoughts until blood-thirsting chaos slithered through her body.


“Shauna,” Katy whispered, her voice steadily closer.


“Get back, Kat,” Shauna managed to speak through the lump in her dry throat. She took two steps back. “Don’t come any closer to me!” She opened her eyes and her gray vision morphed blood red.


Katy gasped, pausing in her tracks.


Kill her! Do it now!


“Leave me alone!” Shauna dug her hands into her head, nearly ripping the hair from the roots. “I won’t do it! I won’t kill her!”


Ascher’s narrow-eyed expression conveyed a worry she’d never seen before. “Sweetheart, who are you talking to?”


The windows imploded and Shauna fell to her knees. “Oh, Goddess help me! You said you wouldn’t leave me. I need you! Please.”


Mother Mias’s apparition appeared in the corner of the room, a glowing orb that morphed into a golden-haired angel resembling an adult Bunny. “This is only one in many more trials you must endure, my child. You must be strong and fight him. His only power is that which you give him.”


“But I can’t! He won’t leave me alone. I don’t understand what he wants from me.”


“Your path is clouded by your past, but things will soon be clear. Answers are coming, Shauna. Hold on to your faith. Let your heart guide you. Keep your mind open to the love surrounding you. Love is greater than all the evil in the world. Love will save you.”


“But I’m so weak and scared,” Shauna cried. “I don’t know if I can do this.”


The warmth of her godly mother embraced Shauna and all thoughts of hunger, thirst and evil disappeared, replaced with a tightness in her chest that overwhelmed her very soul.


“Don’t cry, my child. You are strong in your gifts. You were born from the light and it lies within you, but there is also darkness there. It’s not your fault but you have to fight it, push it back down to the pit that has set it free. I’m here, but I can’t fight him. Only you can do that. This is a part of your journey.”


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