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Glossary of Terms 


Blocker - a human whose mind cannot be channeled or read.

Blood consecration - a sealing rite performed by a Vampiric High Court member that spiritually bonds a vampire and a human, or two vampires, together.

Blooded Witch - one who is bound, by blood, to a coven of sisters.

Bloodstone - name given to the stones, of blood red color, that are the actual blessed ashes of Andreas Rousseau. An amulet with a bloodstone is given to all his vampiric blood descendants, and their changed mates, to protect against burning in the sun.

Changeling - a son or daughter that results from being turned into a vampire.

Channeling - to consciously link to another being’s mind. Vampires can only channel humans. Ascher can channel both humans and vampires.

Communion - Wiccan rite performed to ward off evil spirits and break demonic possessions.

Crash - time, after a sleepless period, when a half-bloodling sleeps for three straight days. Rejuvenation occurs during this time.

Darkling - a soldier vampire bred to seek out and destroy individuals.

Double Wiccan lineage - describes one born to a witch mother and warlock father.

Fallen Children - daughters fathered by the demon entity known as the cloaked one. These children possess incredible mind powers that lie dormant until a stressor awakens them.

Half-bloodling or half-blood - a being born of a mortal mother and immortal father, half vampire and half human; may also be known as an imperfect vampire.

Hatchling – a newborn darkling conceived and grown in artificial glass wombs. Darklings are at their most vulnerable at this stage and require constant care to assure their survival.

Hemoglobin Dysplasia - a phenomenon that occurs when the two types of cells in Ascher’s blood—the human red and vampire black—become unbalanced, resulting in facial hair and the rapid growth of the hair on his head.

Mind Shifter - a human who can control the opening and closing of their mind.

Multi-elemental - describes a witch, of double Wiccan lineage, that possesses traits of all five elements, with one element being dominant.

Natural witch - one who is born with strong tendencies toward witchcraft. These individuals usually have two or more witches in their ancestral line. A child born of a witch mother usually possesses the strongest and most unusual of the dark gifts.

Newborn – a vampire within the first two years of transformation.

Quickening - the ability of a vampire or half- bloodling to touch another from a distance, this person would most likely be an object of his/her affection.

Radiance - a celestial aura that is the result of quickening and is experienced when a vampire views his/her intended mate.

Receptor – a witch gifted in influencing thoughts, erasing memories and crippling others by draining their energy. Lisa Williams was a very powerful receptor.

Screamer – a human with abnormally loud thoughts.

Shedding tears for their blood lost- a phenomenon that occurs when a male vampire loses a blood relative or their mate. Male vampires don’t cry. Their grief manifests itself in the presence of blood tears.

Sibling transference - the unique magnetic energy transmitted between Wiccan siblings.

Sleepless period - a time when a half-bloodling is most like a vampire, marked by two to three weeks of constant alertness.

Spirit Incarnate or Spirit Shifter - a witch capable of shifting their spirit into different forms and assuming the identities of those she touches.

Subliminal - (1) a mental suggestion used, by vampires, to hypnotize or program humans. (2) Telepathy used, by Ascher, to communicate with his family and other vampires. Only a half-bloodling can send a subliminal to another vampire.

Trinity - a human possesses the trinity if he/she is a vegetarian, virgin, and doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages. One of these properties drives an immortal mad. Possessing all three makes an individual’s blood the “perfect storm” of deliciousness, making them irresistible.

True half-blood – vampire whose blood is composed equally of vampire black and human red blood cells.

Vampiric High Court - an elite society of elder vampires and high priests who perform rituals and ceremonies, keep the prophecies safe and uphold the laws in the vampire covenants.

Wampire – slang term for a Wiccan-vampire.

Youngling - a witch with less than a year’s knowledge of the craft.

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