The Progeny Excerpt



They walked the gilded path ending in steps and enormous glass doors. Shauna was amazed and at a loss for words. Ascher led her through a huge foyer lined with pedestals of ornate sculptures and sporadic pieces of what appeared to be priceless wall art. Some of the heavier furniture looked to be antiques, but that couldn’t be possible. They’d be hundreds of years old.



“You’ll have to excuse the mess,” Ascher said, his voice casting a slight echo in the space. “The staff takes the artwork down once a month to dust.”



“I was wondering why there were so many empty places.” Shauna sighed. “This is so overwhelming. You have enough art here to start your own gallery.”



“An art gallery—hmmm. Now, that’s a business venture my father has never considered.” Ascher chuckled, squeezing her hand tight inside his own. “It’s just a home that’s collected various baubles over the years.”



Shauna pointed to one of the few canvases still on the wall. The depiction of what seemed to be a vampire carrying a woman in a flowing white dress spurred an unexpected reaction within her. A swell of longing and heat reverberated along her nerves, causing her heart to pulse out a nervous beat that strangely traveled to the flesh between her thighs. An erotic collage of remembrances and fantasies flooded her brain, increasing the sensations until Shauna was forced to press her thighs together.



Ascher’s gaze tunneled into her, the sparkling blue further fanning the flames.



Shauna put some much-needed distance between them, hoping that breaking the physical connection might cool her simmering blood. Turning her back to him, she stared at the object of her focus. “That’s interesting.”



“Oh, that.” Ascher cleared his throat, the sound of his laughter an uncomfortable response Shauna found odd.



She felt him drawing nearer, the nerves in her stomach fluttering like a thousand butterflies taking flight. Her heart followed suit, thrumming more with each inch his being closed between them. Anticipating his approach did nothing to prepare Shauna for the onslaught of warmth his touch incited.



Pressing himself to her backside, Ascher whispered, “The one thing you’ll learn about my father is that he has a rather unique sense of humor.” Wrapping his arms around her waist, his hands spanned her nervous stomach.  He turned her toward him, leaning in, his breath tickling the skin of her neck. His eye contact scorched, his gaze conveying countless emotions at once. “You like it, don’t you?”



Fascinated and frozen in the spot where she stood, Shauna could only manage one word. “Yes.” The kiss he planted on her neck rushed threads of fire through every part of Shauna’s being and she panted out a breath.



Intent on sharing her personal space, Ascher wrenched her closer until Shauna felt the heat from his body and the erected proof of his desire below. His hips shifted and he leaned into her, pinning her backside to the wall. His lips parted, the tip of his tongue tracing a circuit along the throbbing pulse in her neck, prompting her breaths into an erratic sequence of gulps.



There was no escape. Not that she needed one. Shauna wanted him—right there in his family’s expensive foyer, up against that wall. She attempted another breath and felt it catch in her throat.



Placing his fingertips against the artery jumping in her throat, he murmured, “That’s one of my favorite pieces,” against her mouth, his tone taking on a rough edge she found hot as hell. “I find it beautiful. Sensual. Lustful.” Giving her a meaningful glance, the blue in his eyes flashed brighter until Shauna saw nothing but him. “He’s in love with her. You can see it in his expression—true love always radiates from the eyes.”



 Her senses saturating with him, Shauna slumped against Ascher. She was completely gone, every part of his presence enveloping her, pressing into her, stroking her. Aroused and wet, Shauna could do nothing but feel the waves of his body as they crashed against her own.



Teasing her. Riding her. Possessing her.



When would the sexual torture be over?



“Soon.” Cupping the crotch of her jeans in his palm, Ascher squeezed her denim-covered core, rubbing the aching entrance to her body, answering her unvoiced question. “I can’t wait to taste you, feel you. I promise you. We’ll make love soon.”



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